Chamomile Mead

About a month ago I made my first batch of mead. This was a quick mead inspired by a recipe in Sandor Katz’s book The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved. I have been fascinated with fermented drinks ever since I tried kefir many years ago. My interest was heightened when I stumbled across a post on Mark’s Daily Apple dealing with digestive health.

My goal with this was to have a nice drink that would also be good for me. This drink seems to serve that purpose. Making it was simple. The base is seven parts water and one part honey. That’s it. I wanted to add a twist, so  I used 3 parts water, 4 parts chamomile tea, and 1 part honey.

The ingredients are mixed into a large container (I used a gallon jar) and mixed. . . vigorously. Often. As in 5 times the first day. This action helps to start the fermenation process. When you are not mixing the concoction it should be covered with cheesecloth or something similar that will allow the elixir to “breathe.” Place it in a dark space.

Continue stirring over the next week. Taste it! You can drink it now or allow it to ferment further. Mine got a lot sweeter as it continued to ferment. The taste now reminds me of a sweet tart.


5 responses to “Chamomile Mead

  1. Awesome! I’ve been meaning to try my hand at some mead. I didn’t know that the book had a recipe for mead in it. I just got a copy last week, so I’ll be getting right on that.

    Glad to see others in the agorist community that are MDA readers as well!

  2. I’ve only used chamomile for brewing tea, but this sounds yummy. Thanks for reminding me of this recipe as I normally just reach for Sandor’s first book reflexively if I want to try a new ferment.

  3. Sandor’s books are very good. I was just given Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon which also has a lot of good ferments. I’ll surely be trying some of those soon.

  4. Cool. I’m actually about to start brewing my own kombucha using the tea serving pitcher we got as a wedding gift. A friend of mine already has a culture to give me to get started.

  5. Kombucha is fun and relatively easy. The last batch I made was lavender/green tea. I’d love to hear how your batch turns out.

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